Camelid Services

Califon Animal Hospital has been treating llama and alpaca patients since 1988. Since then, all of our doctors have taken an active interest in attending camelid medicine meetings and keeping abreast of current veterinary information, emerging diseases, and medical advances in this rapidly growing field of veterinary medicine. Through preventative medicine and herd health management we aim to prevent illness and disease in our camelid patients. While we emphasize disease prevention, we offer a broad range of services to diagnose and treat a variety of disease processes in individual patients as well. We also specialize in helping our clients to replace and improve their stock by performing breeding soundness examinations, employing modern reproductive techniques and diagnosing and managing fertility problems.

Camelid Medical Services

  • Parasite prevention protocols, diagnosis & treatment
  • Vaccination programs
  • Diagnosis & medical treatment of sick individuals
  • Routine surgical procedures such as gelding
  • Nutritional advice for medical management of disease
  • Biosecurity protocols
  • Pre-purchase examination
  • Fleece/fiber examination
  • All of our veterinarians are USDA certified & are able to provide health certification for breeding, showing & shipping.

Camelid Reproductive Service

  • Routine breeding soundness exam
  • Reproductive cycle management
  • Diagnosis & management of sub-optimal fertility
  • Semen evaluation
  • High risk pregnancy monitoring
  • Assistance with difficult deliveries

For crias:

  • Neonatal examination
  • Blood testing to assess transfer of maternal antibodies (IgG)
  • Monitoring of pediatric growth & development

Camelid Surgery

While Califon Animal Hospital is primarily an ambulatory veterinary practice, our offices contain a surgical suite fully equipped for camelid surgical procedures. We use safe inhalant anesthesia and our surgical suite is equipped with a full complement of monitoring devices, including EKG, blood pressure monitor, and devices to measure oxygen saturation of blood.