Raiders road trip 2021: Kansas area Chiefs at Arrowhead

By December 20, 2021 casino games canada

Raiders road trip 2021: Kansas area Chiefs at Arrowhead

Raiders lovers, You will find the most perfect advice for a 2021 NFL road trip a€” Kansas urban area.

Within SB Nationa€™s NFL area books project, wea€™ve come assigned with picking the most wonderful 2021 Las vegas, nevada Raidersa€™ journey. After careful consideration, i’ve produce this go out: Dec. 12, 2021, up against the Kansas town Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium

Exactly why from inside the name of Ken a€?Snakea€? Stabler, would you recommend planning Kansas area in December? More info on that afterwards .

I have to tell the truth. We honestly regarded seeking the Thanksgiving Day video game (Thursday, Nov. 25) within Dallas Cowboys. However, we opted against attracting the ire of angry mom throughout the Raiders country. Therefore, delight in the chicken while using the trimmings and devour plenty of Moma€™s pumpkin cake because enjoy the Raiders use Thanksgiving because of the families.

Oh please remember, a journey this coming year may be the simplest way to see the Raiders in person. It’s going to take the next real estate loan to see the gold and Black gamble this present year at Allegiant Stadium, one period the group will play with lovers from inside the chair from inside the majestic brand new digs present next to the Vegas remove.

Today, onto Kansas City.

Here are various factors why going to start to see the Las Vegas gamble at Arrowhead arena may be the top choice for our Raidersa€™ 2021 road trip.

It can be a giant video game while the Raiders will be needing you around: This can be the Raidersa€™ 13th video game of season. When they gonna break the Chiefsa€™ five-year stranglehold on the AFC West name, they’re going to very well may have to win the game. You will find a very good possibility this video game is going to have all the thinking of a post-season contest. All of the Raider Nation would want to end up being only at that online game as well as the group need the assistance. This is certainly a premier Raidersa€™ journey and may end up being an NFL storage for the many years.

Exactly what an excellent photograph Denny Medley-USA THESE DAYS Sports

A chance to capture a triumph lap: the aforementioned image says all of it. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs comprise surprised latest October when the Raiders won at Arrowhead arena, giving Kansas area its first lack of the growing season plus the Raidersa€™ 1st win here since 2012. The Chiefs might be counting the times until this video game. They might be most likely nonetheless smarting that Raiders mentor Jon Gruden directed teams shuttle people to simply take a victory lap around Arrowhead Stadium before the Raidersa€™ constitution busses drove to the airport following game. When the Raiders win this game in December, feel free to run-around the arena or drive your leasing rig around Arrowhead arena. Perhaps this really is come to be anything for all the Raiders as well as their enthusiasts.

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Ita€™s a cool spot: state what you would like about the Chiefs and Ia€™m sure you certainly will say plenty, but Arrowhead Stadium is a place all football lovers should sign up for one video game at. Through the red seating on a€?home of Chiefsa€? chant at the conclusion of the National Anthem, towards the intoxicating scent of BBQ in the parking lot throughout the day, this needs to be a bucket-list destination for all NFL followers.

December sports rocks !: It takes genuine gall to suggest a December trip to watch sports outside for the heartland 13 times before xmas. I have they. But notice me personally on. Be Sure To? OK, thank you. Right here goes: indeed, there is a really stronger opportunity it’s going to bone-chillingly cold in stands at Arrowhead arena that time. The typical reduced in Kansas town is December was 25 qualifications. Ia€™ve gone to a game title at Arrowhead arena in mid-December. Ia€™m perhaps not attending rest. I desired to to take a flaming barbecue from the parking lot and stash it under my seat in the click field. Ia€™m slightly chilly simply considering it.

But do you know what? This is a football road trip perhaps not a weekend jaunt to Cabo. So, ita€™s probably going to be cool. Incorporate they. Feel the cool and laugh it off. The Raidersa€™ members will need you and feed from your. And, we hope, you certainly will beginning to regain the attitude in your extremities by Wednesday . or tuesday at most current.

The BBQ is actually fabulous: Kansas area BBQ could be the real contract. The parking lot prior to the online game could challenge any champ barbeque cook-off. Plus, it is possible to make this a weekend of great BBQ. Discover first-class BBQ throughout this town from Arthur Bryanta€™s to Jack Stack to Joea€™s Kansas area barbeque to Harp Barbecue and many other great areas. Select your area, push the bib and a toothpick, though, as this the barbeque large leagues.

The town is actually underrated: the enjoyment about this journey wont beginning and end at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas urban area try a great area to explore and has a vibrant nights lifestyle with a lot of edibles selection except that barbeque (therea€™s fantastic steakhouses here). Limit their Saturday-night from the Plaza, electricity and bulbs area, the Westport region or check out the lots of casinos close by. Therea€™s a number of places to own fun inside town. Oh, and Kansas Citya€™s Boulevard alcohol is best Ia€™ve ever had (and Ia€™ve tested multiple drinks in my own time).

Ita€™s an easy trip: this might not one particular NFL trips were it could be a huge headache. The Kansas area airport terminal is easy sufficient to get in and of. The metropolis is not hard receive about in addition to game-day skills is rather simple to navigate. Almost everything creates a pretty painless travel.

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Conclusion: Every Raidersa€™ follower should encounter a Raiders-Chiefs game in Kansas town. This really is one of many NFLa€™s ultimate and eldest rivalries. Saying your symbolized the sterling silver and Black amid the ocean of Kansas area red try a badge of any for member of the Raider country. The soccer should be fantastic. The elements can be, um, memorable. The tailgate world shall be amazing. The remainder sunday is close an easy to handle. There’s no disadvantage making this the ideal Raidersa€™ 2021 road trip. Apply your absolute best Raidersa€™ parka and expect another Kansas urban area Gruden-led Raidersa€™ success lap. Ia€™ll expect a postcard (perform they nonetheless making those thing?).